Huahine Dream Tours has an exceptionnal skipper !

About  Williams Mahena

your skipper and tour guide 

          Your skipper Williams Mahena ESTALL was born on February the 11th 1972, in Papeete from a Polynesian mother and a part English father . At six months, he was sent to live in Huahine with his grandmother. He lived there in the village of Fitii until he was 15 years old . He went to school in Fare and then left Huahine to learn agriculture at Agriculture College on the island of Moorea.  

               In 1989, at 17 years old, he started to work in the hotel field at the Sofitel Heiva resort in Maeva, Huahine as a technical agent in charge of electricity and plumbing. After 10 years , he changed  job and joined the nautical services of the resort.  There, he learned to speak English and  acquired all the basics to become a skipper in charge of nautical excursions for the hotel's customers in the splendid Huahine lagoon for 5 years. 

              At the same time, in 1992, he won the title of best "Ori Tahiti" dancer of Huahine . He trained the hotel staff in Tahitian dancing and organized the hotel's Tahitian shows. At the same time, he learned a lot about traditional legends,ancestral customs and became a passionate of Polynesian culture.  In 2002, he flew to Los Angeles as a dancer of the troup of Huahine ! 

              In 2003, after the hotel closed, Mahena created his own business in solar energy in the island of Huahine.

              In 2015, he followed a training in order to obtain the the official "Lagoon Skipper Certificate".  Needless to say, he succeeded brilliantly. 

As a self-made man,with many experiences and talents, Mahena is the perfect English-speaking guide who will drive your boat safely, will explain all about "his island" and will answer all your questions about Huahine and the Polynesian culture!



To contact Mahena:

Huahine Dream Tours skipper and guide
Huahine Dream Tours skipper and guide

 Super Mahena !

Huahine Dream Tours skipper and guide

Mahena is proud of his 'Huahinean" roots  and loves to meet new people in order to share his knowledge.

-       He is fond of Tahitian music and Tahitian dance which made him a specialist of local "fiestas". He will prove it to you during the tour.

-       He also likes fishing and all water activities.

  Mahena has the humility of the Polynesian people and is very helpful .

-       Resourceful, he can spend hours repairing a car engine and does not hesitate to help someone (tourists or others) to fix their car or their boat that happen to break down in front of his place.

-       He has equipped and decorated his outrigger canoe on his own.