Huahine Dream Tours has a fast, comfortable and safe outrigger motorized canoe

Concerning our boat

         The Coralia is the name of your outrigger canoe  adapted for the quiet lagoon waters of Huahine.

                  She is a traditional manufactured outrigger canoe equipped with a powerful engine, like a typical boat of the islands of French Polynesia.

She is  painted with bright rasta colors.

She has got a small roof to keep her passengers in the shade and away from the hot sun.

For your comfort, seats with backrest are installed.

She has a powerful engine.

She can carry 8 to 10 passengers with all the required safety equipments.

She is officially registered and has all the authorizations and the required navigation permits.

Huahine Dream Tours is a serious enterprise, protected by marine and professional liability insurances.

Your skipper is qualified and experienced.

He graduated  with a"Certificat de Pilote Lagonnaire" which is the official certificate delivered by Marine Affairs Department of French Polynesia. 

 During these times of sanitary crisis, we make a point to respect social distances and safety measures.  To our advantages, we have a limited amount of passengers and are seats are away from each others. Moreover, we wear protective masks and gloves when we serve drinks and food during lunch.  Also, our guests are seated on separate tables.  We are really doing our best to protect everyone from the coronavirus.     

So don't hesitate any more:  Go around Huahine the Polynesian way: on a typical and secure outrigger.  You won't find any other one like the Coralia. 

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